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Waterproof Coating


Area Coverage
Coverage area is approximately 10m² per coat per 25kg. Two coats are generally required.

Drying Time
Richco Waterproof Coating drying times are greatly affected by temperature and ventilation. As a guide allow approximately 6 hours for the surface to become dry to the touch and 5 days before over coating. This product requires a steady draft to avoid excessive condensation during the curing period.

Surface Preparation
Remove dirt, dust, grease, old paint, plaster and any loose surface material. Wire brushing, scraping or pressure washing is ideal. (do not apply over paint and plaster as moisture could be trapped behind the coating causing paint or plaster to deteriorate). If water is flowing through a hole or crack, the flow can be stemmed using a strong cement mortar before applying Richco Waterproof Coating.

Tip 8 leters of clean cold water into an empty plastic bucket. Add the powder slowly, mixing continually using a paint / plaster mixer, fitted to an electric drill. Continue until the mixture is a butter-like consistency. Do not add more water if the product starts to set as this will weaken the finished product. Apply the mixed product immediately using it all within 30-60 minutes.

Apply at a temperature range of 41 °F - 95°F. After stopping any water flowing under pressure, use a brush and clean water to wet the wall. Apply the first coat horizontally, working into any gaps. After approximately 2 hours, but within 24hrs, apply the second coat, this time vertically. After an hour the second coat can be smoothed if required by lightly brushing with water. Protect freshly applied product from direct sunlight, rain and wind. In hot or windy conditions the product may be mist sprayed with water to compensate for any rapid moisture loss.

Application Tools
Apply Richco Waterproof Coating with a brush.

Cleaning of Application Tools
Brushes should be cleaned with warm soapy water before the product has dried.